Sewage Treatment Systems

Sewage Treatment Systems and How To Plan Yours

For many reasons, some properties cannot connect to a mains sewer. This used to be seen as a problem, the only available solution was to install a septic tank in the garden. A good septic tank, at best will give about 60% treatment to the waste from a normal house. A septic tank can often smell, and will almost certainly pollute the land or waterway that it discharges to.

Sewage Treatment Systems

Fortunately things have now moved on. A good package sewage treatment plant can achieve 95% of treatment waste.

With a treatment plant that is EN12566-3 type tested, the Environment agency will in most cases let you have an exemption to a normal "consent to discharge". This means that you won't have to pay a fee to discharge waste.

All REWATEC treatment plants are type tested under EN12566-3 so you can be reassured of a smooth and easy application with the Environment Agency.

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The Importance of EN 12566-3 Testing and EPP2 Explained

1. What is EPP2?

EPP2 stands for Environmental Permitting Programme - Second Phase. This is a process, within the Environment Agency, set up to remove the need to grant a "consent to discharge treated effluent" from a domestic treatment plant. This means that, if you are discharging under 2m3 a day (roughly equivalent to 11PE) and you are in an area of the country that allows it, you can apply for an exemption to the normal consent to discharge permit, saving you money and time!

2. What is EN 12566-3?

EN12566-3 is the European test - mandatory on all sewage treatment plants sold in the EU. It tests the performance of the sewage treatment plant, the power consumption and the structural integrity of the tank.

3. How Do I Know If My Treatment Plant Is Approved?

To gain exemption from a "consent to discharge" under the new EPP2 scheme, you need to fulfil the Environment Agency criteria. One of which is that the treatment plant you use has undergone EN12566-3 testing. All REWATEC's treatment plants are able to be used under this scheme. For more information regarding qualification for an exemption under the EPP2 scheme either call our helpful team or discuss with your local environment officer.

4. How Is My Treatment Plant Sized?

Your treatment plant should be sized on the potential volume of effluent coming from your property. We or the EA can give you guidance on this. A treatment plant needs to be sized for the potential of the property, not the current occupation. As a guide, use our table below to see which system you need:

Number of bedrooms Number of occupants Treatment plant Product Code
1-4 Up to 6 SOLIDO 35 KBMS3512
2-6 Up to 8 SOLIDO 45 KBMS4512
2 x 3 bed houses Up to 10 SOLIDO 60 KBMS6012

5. How Do I Apply For An Exemption?

You can apply for exemption by filling out a form from the Environment Agency. They aim to process these within 15 working days from receipt. The form can be found here.